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MIRAFO Company is a family  enterprise,
Specialised in the production of
Knitted materials and swing the knitwear.
We have incessantly existed in the textile branch
since 1991.

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We are specialised in the production of
Any type and kind of knitted materials,
Created on the circular, single-bearing and
Double-bearing  machines.

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Apart from the production of knitted materials
We are specialized in sewing the knitwear.
Our sewing room is modern
- 60 work-stations and we have our own cutting-room.

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Accomplishment of the European Union Project

We hereby inform that the Project entitled ‘Implementation to the production the most modern technologies of the knitted materials production as the key for the Company’s competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets’ was accomplished by MIRAFO Company. The Project was funded by the European Fund of Regional Development within the RPO Łodz Region for the years 2007-2013. As the result of the abovementioned Project the Company has bought two knitting machines – circular:

  1. double-bearing machine of the Orizo interlock type and the needling number 40
  2. single-bearing machine (New Jersey) Pilotelli of the needling number 40

Both, extremely modern machines, are unique on the domestic and European markets. An innovative technology of knitting described as the New Jersey has been used in the Pilotelli machine. It allows to produce the knitted materials of a new generation, characterised by very high elasticity in both along the rows and columns. Considering its high number of needling, it can produce very noble, thin knitted materials having different weaves, among other – piques. Their application may be very differentiated, commencing with the swim suits, sport-wear, light athletic and ending with the underwear.  At the time being, there are production tests conducted so that the first samples could be sent to our Clients.  



Quality Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for MIRAFO knitted materials

On the25th of June, 2012 we obtained the Quality Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for our knitted materials issued by the Textile Institute of Technical University in Łódź. 


Thermo Cool – Assessment of usage

With pleasure we hereby inform that we received a very positive opinion concerning our products  from the LUPUS Collection. Thermo-active underwear was tested by sportsmen during their trainings. Herein below you can find opinions (link) sent by them. We would like to encourage you to get acquainted with the comments – opinions as well as the photos of trainings. 


New machines in MIRAFO – the Producer of the knitted materials and knitwear

Machines bought due to the co-funded by the European Union Project, obtained from the European Fund of Regional Development as well as from the state budget.  


New machines – due to the EFRR Project

New machines have already been in MIRAFO!

With pleasure we hereby inform that the first knitting machines, bought by our Company due to the European Fund Project of the Regional Development, have been already working in the new building. Using them for the production of knitted materials shall allow to implement into our offer new products and the increase of their quality. Without the support from the European Union and the state budget we would not be able to use the new technology for the production of knitted materials for such a wide scale (4 new machines).  Hoping to start up a completely new machines park – we are waiting for the following production devices. 


Thermo Cool

MIRAFO enterprise has signed the Licence Agreement with ADVANSA Company. Basing on the provisions concluded in the Agreement, we are allowed to use the registered trademark of Thermo Cool as well as the technology related to that trademark. That technology inspired us to create our own collection of the thermo-active underwear, basing on patented by us trademark of LUPUS.  The production of the underwear which should be very soon began, shall be dedicated to the people who are very active in their lifestyle. Silver ions applied in that underwear are limiting the scent of sweat and the fibres allow for the transfer of sweat, outside from body. Due to that technology, the skin has a constant, comfortable for the user, temperature.

Please, feel free to get acquainted with the details of our offer. LUPUS Collection shall be successively increased. 


Photo of MIRAFO Łódź new building

Due to the Project founded by the European Union and the state budget, a new building was built (the photo below) where the production of knitted materials shall be conducted. 


The Project co-funded by the European Union from the European Fund of the Regional Development as well as the state budget.

We are willing to inform everybody about the stages of the Project fulfilment.

On the 10th of June, 2010 our Company signed the Agreement with the Marshal Office in Łódź concerning the Project entitled ‘Company’s Competitiveness Increase through the Innovative Diversification of the Production’.   The Project is founded within the frames of the III Priority Axis of the Regional Operating Program, organised by the Łódź Voivodeship for the years 2007 – 2013. There are two investment plans prepared.  The first one depends on building the production hall, as an addition to an already existing factory complex, while the second is based on the purchase of knitting machines.   The entire investment shall be located in the Company’s registered office, in Łódź, on 10 Toruńska Street.  

Before the official signatures were placed, we started to search for the Contractor of the construction works by means of the public auction. As it has been already stated by us in our web-site service, Volbud Company from Bełchatów became the winner of the auction.  That enterprise has many years of experience, well prepared technical back-up facilities, not to mention the human resources, as well as a very good standing on the building market. 

At the time being, there are tasks fulfilled ending the first step of the investment. Accomplishment  of the building works is foreseen at the end of October.

Moreover, we have started to fulfil the second step of the investment, e.g. purchasing of the knitting machines. There is an advertisement placed on our web-site, specifying the subject of the purchase as well as the provisions of buying it. We do hope, that very soon we will be able to inform you about the results of the auction.



European Funds provided for the Regional Development of Łódź

European Funds for the Regional Development of Łódź

  For many years, MIRAFO Company has been a beneficiary of funds obtained from the European Union.  Basing on the pre-access, structural and currently regional funds provided by the financial measures of the European Fund for Regional Development, we are consistently developing and increasing our creative potential. That issue has been clearly proved by obtaining by MIRAFO a high assessment of the designs.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland visited us in 2007 as the confirmation of his appreciation for our achievements in building the modern, European factory of textile production. 

Production Company
MIRAFO Marcin Rafalski, Sp.j. (General Partnership) 

Trading Company
MIRAFO Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company)
93-487 Łódź
10 Toruńska Street
Phone: (+48)(42) 68 000 39
Fax: (+48)(42) 68 275 18
E-mail: mirafo@mirafo.pl

Knitted materials Sale Department:

Phone: (+48)(42) 68 000 39 ext. 112

Ms. Magdalena Makiewicz
Phone: (+48) 602 849 744
E-mail: magda@mirafo.pl

Mr. Marek Matera
Phone: (+48) 502 326 807
E-mail: marekmatera@mirafo.pl

Export department

Ms. Oksana Shtunder
Phone: (+48) 795 003 832
E-mail: oksana@mirafo.pl

Ready-to-wear clothing Department

Ms. Agnieszka Górzyńska
Phone: (+48) 601 407 104
E-mail: aga@mirafo.pl

Board of Directors:

Ms. Elżbieta Andrzejewska
Phone: (+48) 513 072 168
E-mail: dzianiny@mirafo.pl 

Member of the Board of Directors
Marek Tołoczko
Phone: (+48) 506 175 340
E-mail: marek@mirafo.pl


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