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MIRAFO Company is a family  enterprise,
Specialised in the production of
Knitted materials and swing the knitwear.
We have incessantly existed in the textile branch
since 1991.

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We are specialised in the production of
Any type and kind of knitted materials,
Created on the circular, single-bearing and
Double-bearing  machines.

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Apart from the production of knitted materials
We are specialized in sewing the knitwear.
Our sewing room is modern
- 60 work-stations and we have our own cutting-room.

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We are specialising in the production of any kind and type of knitted fabric, produced on the circular, single-bearing and double-bearing machines

Main products:

plain knitted materials,
sweater knitted materials,
knitted materials with stable and variable report of stripes,
jacquard knitted materials of single or double bearing  

all produced in a wide range of basis weight, weaves and colours,


The confirmation of the highest quality of our knitted materials has been obtained in 2012 by receiving the Quality Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100, issued by the Textile Institute of Technical University in Łódź.


Considering the highest quality of our products we are constantly modernizing our machine park. We work on the latest generation machines provided by the leading producers: – ORIZIO, MAYER, PILOTELLI. Moreover, we do pay great attention to our quality control system, having its key point in the cloth looking machine.

Dzianiny żakardowe - pikówki

Dzianiny żakardowe jednołożyskowe

Dzianiny żakardowe dwułożyskowe

Dzianiny swetrowe

Druki na dzianinach

European Funds for the Regional Development of Łódź

  For many years, MIRAFO Company has been a beneficiary of funds obtained from the European Union.  Basing on the pre-access, structural and currently regional funds provided by the financial measures of the European Fund for Regional Development, we are consistently developing and increasing our creative potential. That issue has been clearly proved by obtaining by MIRAFO a high assessment of the designs.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland visited us in 2007 as the confirmation of his appreciation for our achievements in building the modern, European factory of textile production. 

Production Company
MIRAFO Marcin Rafalski, Sp.j. (General Partnership) 

Trading Company
MIRAFO Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company)
93-487 Łódź
10 Toruńska Street
Phone: (+48)(42) 68 000 39
Fax: (+48)(42) 68 275 18
E-mail: mirafo@mirafo.pl

Knitted materials Sale Department:

Phone: (+48)(42) 68 000 39 ext. 112

Ms. Magdalena Makiewicz
Phone: (+48) 602 849 744
E-mail: magda@mirafo.pl

Mr. Marek Matera
Phone: (+48) 502 326 807
E-mail: marekmatera@mirafo.pl

Export department

Mrs. Izabela Bąk
Phone.: (+48) 502 658 536
E-mail: iza@mirafo.pl

Mrs. Małgorzata Trzepióra
Phone: (+48) 668 029 908
E-mail: malgosia@mirafo.pl

Ready-to-wear clothing Department

Ms. Agnieszka Górzyńska
Phone: (+48) 601 407 104
E-mail: aga@mirafo.pl

Board of Directors:

Ms. Elżbieta Andrzejewska
Phone: (+48) 513 072 168
E-mail: dzianiny@mirafo.pl 

Member of the Board of Directors
Marek Tołoczko
Phone: (+48) 506 175 340
E-mail: marek@mirafo.pl


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